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"A Few Of My Favorite Things"

by Rhonda Morrow
Photography by Sarah Clarke and Jennifer Ekrut


About two years ago, Texarkana, Texas, attorney Cary Patterson and his wife, Lots, purchased an attractive, spacious red brick home that intermingled the semi-Spanish features of a tile roof and a rounded porch entranceway with the Tudor-style look of high-peaked gables.
   The house was nestled among tall pine trees on about five acres, giving it an out-of-town feel, inside of town.
   The couple was pleased with the tranquil location of their 5,000-plus square-foot home, which overlooked a pond and was just steps away from a golf course, but a few changes were needed in order to create a living space that would suit their needs.
   The couple hired a local contractor to undertake remodeling projects, which included updating the bathrooms and the relocation of several existing interior walls and doors. To finalize their efforts, the Pattersons hired interior designer Tom Chandler of Chandler and Associates in Little Rock to redecorate their home.
   Besides having known of some of Chandler's work done locally, they also learned about him through a family member who had known him for a number of years and highly recommended his work.
   "Everyone told us we would just love what he does," Lots said, "and we did."
   Although the couple was called upon to make critical decisions in the redecorating process, such as choosing new pieces of furniture to be incorporated with their existing pieces as well as selecting upholstery and curtain fabric, they left the creative aspect entirely in Chandlers hands.
   One example of his creativity occurred when Lots showed him a small picture of some flowers in an urn that she liked. He, in turn, commissioned an artist to paint it on a much larger scale to be used on the stairwell wall. Then, he used an urn already owned by the Pattersons to create a decorative display in the entryway.
   Once all the selections were out of the way, the couple was asked to leave their home for three days while the crew set about to work its magic.
   After the allotted time, Chandler called the couple and invited them to see their "new" home.
   By integrating some of their favorite home items with the newly acquired ones




their home had truly been transformed into something new, Lots said.
   Room by room, Chandler was able to capture the style and personal passions of the owners, and incorporate the couple's personal interests with their love of family to create a home atmosphere where they could entertain their friends and loved ones or just enjoy it for themselves.

   "It was like he knew which pictures I liked the best," Lots said.
   Entering the home, guests are greeted by a four-foot high, hand-carved lion from Morocco. The stairway to the upper-level bedrooms also is situated in the entryway and track lighting was installed to accent the numerous paintings that line the entry's walls.
   Just beyond is the formal sitting room,








(Opposite) Rustic elegance defines the keeping room, right off of the kitchen. (This page, clockwise) A room off of the bathroom is a favorite for relaxing. The inviting kitchen adds to the tranquility of the home. The master bedroom is a mix of the couples' personal style and interior design trends.

   "It was like being in a different home,"
Lots said of her initial view of the her
redecorated home. "When we went into the dining room and I saw my grandmother s chocolate service set and my parents wedding picture displayed in the china cabinet, I got a little teary eyed."
   For entertaining purposes, Lots requested that the dining room table accommodate 10 people. She was concerned the room would be too crowded, but the result was a massive piece with a beveled glass top and slim, high-back chairs covered in a brocade of rich brown colors. A coordinating handmade rug is positioned directly under the table.
   Other decorations in the room include a long buffet service accented by an early 1800's French tapestry piece, "Les Amours Pastorales," mounted above it. Heavy floor-length curtains accentuate the large windows that face the front lawn.
   The kitchen, remodeled by the former owners, is located just off the dining room and features granite counter tops and a
rooster theme throughout. The only change made to the kitchen by the Pattersons was the replacement of the smaller wall-mounted cabinets with elongated ones in

which features plush and elegant seating a baby grand piano circa 1806.
   Both the entryway and the sitting room showcase a number of painted artworks including Dallas artist James Colley's vision of Grassy Lake in Fulton, Ark., which is known for its large alligator population.
   Works by a number of other artists also
are displayed throughout the home, including

George Dombeck ofFayetteville, Ark., Debilynn Fendley ofCurtis, Ark., and others.
   Also located just off the entryway is the dining room, which features a built-in china cabinet with interior accent lighting and leaded glass doors.
   As part of the redecorating, the old doors, which had the monograms of the former owners, had been replaced.



order to create more storage space.
   Adjoining the kitchen is what Chandler called the keeping room, which features a wood-burning fireplace, a large antique armoire and a comfortable sitting area underneath an impressively designed lighting fixture made of elk and moose antlers. The room also has a built-in wine storage space designed by local ironwork artist James LeGrand.
   One example of the way some of their old furniture was incorporated into the new design is found down the hall from the formal

(Above, left) For outside dining there is a glass-topped table of unique design that seats up to eight. (Above) A formal conversation area is available poolside. (Left) Statues that represent the four seasons surround the tiled pool. (Opposite page, top) The Pattersons' incorporated a wet bar into their pool house to entertain guests. (Opposite page, bottom) The home's red brick exterior intermingles the semi-Spanish features of a tile roof and a Tudor-style look of high-peaked gables.

formal sitting room, in the master bedroom.
   "Tom used lots of our family photos on a big table near the bed and to my surprise, it was our old breakfast room table," said Lots, adding that it blended perfectly with the room to create a great display area for the photos.
   The floors of the master bedroom, bathroom, dressing area and sitting area are covered in marble tile, which adds to the Greco-Roman feel of the rooms as do the decorative trim and miniature columns. This private area actually has two sitting rooms. One of them is used as an office work area


by Lois and the other, situated in the master bath area, overlooks the aforementioned pond.
   "Right now, there are two geese nesting on the pond. It really is a relaxing place to sit," Lots said.
   Also located downstairs is a powder room with a washbasin bowl-style sink perched atop an ornate wood cabinet and fabric-lined walls in a royal shade of red.
   Ascending the stairs, one finds the homes other two bedrooms, one of which is beige and blue and filled with family photos. Down the hall is another bathroom, also decorated with family portraits.
   The other sleeping area has more of a cottage-style appeal, complete with brown

slat shutters as window dressing and a private bath.
   A media room also is located upstairs and comes complete with 10 recliners arranged in a theater style on tiered flooring in front of a projection television screen.
   For Cary's office area, the workmanship of James LeGrand was called upon once again to construct a metal staircase leading to a segregated portion of the attic. His work area features a large wooden desk and bookshelves lining the walls.
   The home also has another private space separate from the house that has been used by guests and has its own entrance.
   An apartment area, located above the
garage, features a sleeping area, sitting area
and kitchenette all in one room.  A


 just off the keeping room. Holding up the large table is a bowl-shaped concrete structure filled with gold and silver colored spheres, which were formerly used to submerge fishing nets in the Mediterranean Sea.
   Statues that represent the four seasons surround the tiled swimming pool and French antiques, such as an antique clock retrieved from a church in France that has a diameter of about five feet across, complete the look.
   The clock is located in the area that formerly served as the home's poolhouse until it was converted into an additional entertainment area Lots calls the bar room, featuring a flat-screen television.
   Last tall, the Pattersons added an out- door fireplace to an already-existing open-air structure used as a pool lounging area. Additionally, floor-length curtains were also

bathroom adjoins the room.
   The elegance found indoors is continued in the patio and pool area with a French theme being seen at every turn throughout their out-of-doors entertaining area.
   The patio, located just outside the keeping room, has a floor of gray slate squares that transitions into a brick design further from the house.
   An eye-catching, glass-topped table of unique design is the designated seating are

attached to the outer perimeter of the structure in order to block any unwanted chill on cool autumn evenings.
   For the Pattersons and their Norfolk terrier, Max, the home suits them, and the enhancements added by Chandler and Associates have. only endeared it to them all the more.
   "We love it here and Tom is the most amazing person I have ever worked with," Lots said.

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